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For as long as I can remember, photos have been extremely sentimental for me. I have always felt a need to document the moments that I am in, so when 8 year old Leah got a bright blue Kodak point-and-shoot camera for Christmas, it was WELL used. 


In 2016, my junior year of high school, I took a photography class on a whim. Little did I know that this would spark the establishment of my business 5 years later. With a Bachelor's in Fine Art (BFA) from Missouri State University, I developed an eye for my art that allows me to critique and constantly better my work.

Today, I have the privilege to assist others in documenting their lives and freezing moments both big and small. It is important to me that all the little details are captured, because ultimately that is what adds up to create the big picture.

I am a photographer of many things from food to weddings to graduates, and I love it all. If I had to choose my favorite thing to photograph, it would admittedly be portraits. Leah Kim Photography started because I enjoyed photographing my friend's high school senior photos. This lead me to take every type of portrait under the sun. When I decided to major in Photography I had no clue where I would land, but I knew that I wanted to have a camera in my hand wherever that was. 


Fast-forward to post graduation, and I found myself working at a publishing company in Springfield, Missouri. As a full time photographer and designer at 417 Magazine, I adored the variety it offers. (Check out some of my editorial work here.) 


As I move through my career, I am learning to blend all of my styles and experiences into one seamless collection of work. I think the most exciting part is getting to experience and grow with new people and places. Moving forward, I cannot wait to see where I land next.


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